The Teacher Collaborative


Better Together.

Our mission: Make all schools better places to learn.

The Teacher Collaborative is a community built by teachers for teachers that fosters collaboration, empowers innovation, and creates meaningful professional learning opportunities for all teachers. 

Teachers solve problems better together.

Teachers in classrooms across Massachusetts are solving some of the biggest challenges we face in education, but they are working in relative isolation, facing uphill battles alone, and lacking a way to share the work they are doing beyond their own classrooms and schools. The lack of effective professional development, few chances to meaningfully collaborate, and little opportunity to celebrate their successes and innovations leads to teacher burnout.

By creating a welcoming community where you can collaborate to develop and share innovative solutions to common challenges, we energize the profession, elevate teachers as experts, achieve better outcomes for students, and accelerate improvement in schools and districts across Massachusetts. 

The Teacher Collaborative provides space - both in-person and virtual - to meet other teachers who can share advice, resources, and ideas. Teachers are invited to monthly in-person Educator Exchanges where you can network, learn from each other, and gain support and resources that keep you moving forward.

If you're a teacher who is savvy, motivated to problem-solve, and eager to learn, the Teacher Collaborative is for you.

In Co-Labs, teachers from different schools focus on a problem of practice that is important and timely for you. Over the course of our work together, you connect to research in smart and efficient ways, develop and implement a plan to make changes in your classroom or school, and measure student outcomes to inform the group’s learning.

Co-labs provide a facilitated structure for you to learn from and build lasting relationships with colleagues across Massachusetts in order to make all schools better places to learn.

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Coming soon: A vibrant online community that will allow you to more easily share and access best practices from other educators all across Massachusetts. 

The Teacher Collaborative empowers all teachers, regardless of where or what you teach, to find teacher soulmates to share ideas, resources, solutions, and inspiration. 

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