What we do.

Our mission is to make all schools better places to learn. 

Empowered and connected educators make all schools better places to learn--for students, teachers, and school leaders. Our programs bring educators together across existing boundaries to collaborate on innovative solutions to common challenges and to spread great ideas and resources so that more schools, teachers, and students can benefit from them. We aim to elevate teachers and school leaders as experts, innovators, and decision-makers in service of closing our state's persistent achievement and opportunity gaps.

For educators:

All educators from any school across Massachusetts are invited to participate in our programs:

  • Educator Exchange: Connect and share with educators from around the state at monthly in-person networking events. Find your people and celebrate what's great about teaching.
  • Co-Labs for Innovation: Collaborate with peers from different schools on a problem of practice that's important to you and your students. Work smarter, not harder.
  • Virtual Community: Join a vibrant online community that keeps you connected to your best resource: each other.  Access in-the-moment advice and resources.

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For district Leaders + EDUCATION Organizations:

We offer fee-for-service consultation services to leaders from schools, districts, and education organizations that are interested in tapping into educators' expertise to lead change within and beyond the classroom by:

  • Bringing educators to the decision-making table through advisory groups and councils.
  • Designing and facilitating educator surveys and focus groups.
  • Facilitating design thinking sessions that yield educator input on a specific topic.
  • Advising on implementation of or improvements to professional learning opportunities and teacher leadership programs and roles.

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