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Rocket Science Co-Lab

Teaching and learning is complex and inspirational work, not unlike rocket science. Apply with a team from your school or district and join other MA educators looking to reflect on their work and build opportunities for students to engage in risk-taking and critical thinking as a regular part of their school experiences. 

Through this Co-Lab, your team will explore questions such as: 

  • What does complex, engaging, grade-level and beyond work look like?

  • How can we support all students to reach this high bar?

  • How do school structures and culture support educators in their own journey to do this work?

What does participation look like?

  • Applications open until spots are filled.

  • Apply as a 3-5 person team or as an individual. Open to all PK-12 educators in district, charter, or independent schools in MA.

  • Teams will receive a $3,000 mini-grant to support their participation (amount adjusted for individuals).

  • A blend of in-person and virtual meetings during the 2019-20 school year.

  • In-person meetings will take place in Cambridge (Kendall Square) on Thursday afternoons (12:30pm-4pm). See the detailed schedule.


Download a flyer to share with other educators.

Questions? Reach out to Helen Harlan (


Want to know more about the origins of this Co-Lab?

Last winter, we brought together a group of educators from across the Commonwealth to talk about the findings of The Opportunity Myth, a national report published last year by TNTP. The report shows students are not getting what they need and deserve in our classrooms. The teachers who met in February found that the research findings spoke to them in some respects more than others (more on that on our blog).

At the Teacher Collaborative, we believe that teachers are natural problem-solvers and they solve problems better together. The Co-Lab is the next step in this work--a chance to learn, grow, and take action in a personalized, yet collaborative learning experience.