Spring 2019 Co-Labs:

Partnering with Parents & Families

Seek out new ways to engage with families, create open classrooms, share difficult information, utilize family expertise, and try something that can benefit your students this year and next. This Co-Lab meets at 50 Milk Street* in Boston on Thursdays from February 7th - May 9th.

Elevating Student Voice & Agency

Explore ways to promote student agency and voice ranging from classroom roles, restorative justice and problem solving, assignment selection, and student work products. This Co-Lab meets in Kendall Square* in Cambridge on Wednesdays from February 27th - May 29th.


Enroll now! Deadline to enroll is January 27th.

*Note that Co-Labs meet in-person 4 times and virtually 4 times. We cover dinner and parking for in-person meetings.