Building a Sustainable Structure to Elevate Teacher Voice

...At the event, Kat and I were proud to release a new guide for district and school leaders called Building a Sustainable Structure to Elevate Teacher Voice. This guide represents our best advice to anyone thinking about how they might include educators' voices in decision-making whether through establishing an advisory, running focus groups, or conducting a survey. 

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Healthcare Improvement and Education Improvement--more in common than expected

Like many educators, I used this summer as a chance to take some PD. I had the opportunity to participate in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Improvement Coach Professional Development Program. IHI is a nonprofit focused on improving healthcare outcomes by providing training, consultation, and research to governments as well as large and small health organizations across the world. And they happen to be in my backyard of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Improvement science is their main business--how do we get better so we can do better? Improvement science is all the rage in healthcare with hospital CEOs, doctors, nurses, and training programs for anyone interested in the healthcare field. It’s starting to make its way into education through the Carnegie Foundation’s work on Networked Improvement Communities (they published the 2015 book Learning to Improve: How America’s Schools Can Get Better at Getting Better).

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Kat Johnston
Why the Teacher Collaborative? A word from the Founder

My name is Maria Fenwick. I started my career doing the Boston Teacher Residency (BTR), after which I taught fourth grade for 6 years in Boston Public Schools.

In my second year of teaching at a struggling school, I called up the person who was heading up BTR and said I needed a lifeline. He asked what I meant by that and I said I needed to feel like I was part of a larger group of teachers who were like me, from whom I could learn and who could provide me support. By “like me” I had a pretty simple definition - other people who were passionate about the job and who were working really hard to get better and solve problems.

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Maria Fenwick