"Can I get your card?"


“Can I get your card?” is a question heard at networking events everywhere. It’s the first step to reconnecting with someone you meet after the event to share a resource, follow up on an question, or continue a conversation. The problem for educators is that very few have business cards to hand out on such occasions.

We’re changing that. We have partnered with MOO to offer Educator Exchange attendees the chance to design and print your own cards at a 25% discount.

Here’s how it works:

  • Access the log-in instructions and FAQs for the Teacher Collaborative's MOO site

  • One you are logged in, select one of the template options we have designed or create your own design using the blank template.

  • Personalize your card. In addition to your name and email address, think about adding:

    • School

    • Role, including specialties, things you are interested in, or special distinctions you have (National Board Certified Teacher, Union Rep, Department Head, etc)
    • Phone
    • Twitter handle
    • Web address for your personal website or blog 
  • Play around with fonts, colors, paper types, corner styles, and the amount of cards you want to order (with the discount, 50 cards will be $14.99 before shipping).

  • Consider uploading a graphic, but be advised that you must have the proper authorization to use graphics such as logos. If you’d like to use your school or district logo, make sure you have permission to do so first. 

  • Once you are satisfied with your design, complete the order on the site and have them shipped directly to your school or home.

Don’t forget to bring a bunch of your new cards to future Educator Exchanges and other opportunities to meet educators!

Questions? Contact Kat at kat@theteachercollaborative.org.